Services Overview

Since 2003, KGTiger continues to raise the efficiency and productivity of its in-house recruitment clients.

Alternatives to Search

Designed for requisition-based projects, these services are an effective yet affordable search alternative.

Search On-Demand
Fixed cost hourly service that finds qualified and interested candidates to fill open positions. This model employs the same sophisticated techniques as our RPS Direct Sourcing service.

Exclusive Contingency
Delivers a retained search process but is compensated same as contingency. Dedicated professional staff will only present candidates who have been fully prescreened for qualifications, experience, compensation, interest, and expectations. A 30-day period of exclusivity and a lower than average contingency fee adds up to make this an excellent solution.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Provides a “turnkey” recruitment and hiring solution. This end-to-end recruitment process is led by a professional recruiter who directly supports the hiring manager.

Contingent Workforce Staffing
Designed for filling the requirements for temporary contract workers. Using our proven sourcing engine, the right talent is offered to you at industry attractive rates. We offer both straight contractor and contractor-to-hire options.

Recruiting Process Support

Mix of services that raise the overall productivity and effectiveness of a talent acquisition organization.

Direct Sourcing
Proactive AI based identification, engagement, and assessment of talent focused mainly on qualified passive candidates with the objective of producing qualified, interested, and affordable candidates who become available to be processed into applicants.

Talent Pipelining
Supports the modern recruitment system with a continuous contact-based strategy that will increase the quality and quantity of candidates known to your organization. The centerpiece of this advanced approach is the on-going networking, pre-screening and tracking of talent in your industry.

Recruitment Research
Using state of the art AI tools, KGTiger supplies valuable and actionable business intelligence to support the recruitment process and other operational needs. Configuration and use is determined by each client based on their needs and goals. High scalability allows any size organization to benefit from this service.

Workflow Support
Turn over all the labor-intensive recruiting tasks (such as searching job boards, scheduling interviews, and data entry) to free in-house recruiters to focus on higher impact activities. Leverage tactical and information management support to raise productivity and deliver a greater ROI.

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